How To Identify Polyester Yarn?

Abst:  Polyester yarn can withstand chemical substances and frequently clean silk fabrics belonging to ch...

  Polyester yarn can withstand chemical substances and frequently clean silk fabrics belonging to chemical fibers and has a wide range of applications in industrial manufacturing that no one can imagine. Such as gloves, socks, carpets, curtains, car upholstery, and other places that have the presence of polyester yarn. The silk fabrics that are easily confused with polyester yarn include rayon and real silk. How can the popular polyester yarn be distinguished from the rich silk fabric market?

  Method 1, soft and delicate texture

  Rayon has poor tensile properties and is easily broken after being stretched; moreover, the rayon feels rough and clammy and feels clammy and cold. After clenching it tightly, there are many wrinkles, and even after it is flattened, there are still lines. Take out the cloth and wet it. The elasticity is different when wet and dry. The characteristics of silk and rayon are opposite. The silk has a soft luster but soft touch, and the texture is delicate but can make a special sound of "silk ming" or "silk ming" when rubbing against each other. After clenching it tightly with your hands, the wrinkles are less and less obvious, and the silk has the same elasticity in dry and wet. The popular polyester yarn rebounds quickly, has good anti-wrinkle properties, is strong and not easy to break, and is highly reflective.

  Method 2, the gloss is bright and elegant

  If polyester silk, which is popular with customers, is expanded to observe the appearance, one can see that it is smooth, elegant, and bright. The higher the purity of wrinkles on the hands, the more densely arranged silk threads can be seen when looking closely at the silk. The fine and well-received polyester yarn are soft to the touch after debonding treatment, but the silk surface is darker and has no pearl luster; the chemical fiber fabric is bright and dazzling and has a hard hand.

  Method three, combustion method

  Several groups of silk fabrics can be selected by burning. Burning silk will not have an open flame, but it has a plastic smell, and rubber blocks will be produced; silk fabrics such as burning silk will not have obvious rubber blocks, but polyester silk and the like will appear black with small particles. Be careful with fire if you are going to try this method.

  The above three methods are the identification methods of polyester silk yarn. The unique advantages of polyester yarn make it widely used in industries and orientations that no one can imagine. So if you know how to identify polyester yarn, you have many important factors for controlling the quality of polyester yarn in many enterprises or industries.