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Polyester DTY color yarn

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DTY :DRAW TEXTURED YARN, full name: the DRAW TEXTURED YARN. DTY is the use of POY to do the original wire, stretch and false twist deformation processing, tend to exhibit a degree of elasticity and contractility.


Plain weaving—water spray, air spray, rapier, jacquard ...;

Knitting—weft knitting, warp knitting ...;

Bullion cord-empty wrap, machine wrap...;

Knitting—knitting socks, webbing ...

Twisting-strong twist, medium twist ...;

Finished products:

Suitable for making clothing fabrics (such as suits, shirts), bedding (such as quilts, bedspreads, mosquito nets) and decorative items (such as curtain fabrics, sofa fabric, wall covering fabric, automotive interior fabrics), outdoor products (tent fabrics, bags fabric), etc.

Specifications: 75D-360D

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Hangzhou Southeast Textile Co., Ltd. has fixed assets of 210 million yuan since its establishment in 1996, with sales of more than 1 billion in 2012. Our company, an excellent textile and chemical fiber enterprise with self-supporting import and export rights, produces various clothing fabrics and chemical fiber raw materials.
As professional China Polyester DTY Yarn manufacturers and Polyester DTY color yarn factory, we offer custom Polyester DTY Yarn for sale online. In addition, We introduced more than 300 sets of machines including international production equipment, jet loom, and FAST imported rapier loom and supporting production line for spinning, draw texturing supporting production line. Our products have passed ISO9001 quality management system certification, and won the 2011 "Strong Industrial Enterprise”.
Whether it is a single product or a complete set of products, our goal is to provide customized Polyester DTY color yarn solutions for the market and customers. Although markets, applications, and customers are different, Southeast Textile has a unique concept to make customers achieve success.
For any inquiries and feedback from customers, we will respond patiently and carefully. For any inquiries from customers, we will give professional and reasonable quotations at a rapid speed. For any new products, we will professionally communicate with our customers, listen to the customer's opinions and give useful suggestions to ensure high quality Polyester DTY color yarn product. For any order from the customers, we will finish on time with high quality.

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Polyester DTY color yarn Industry Knowledge Extension

Different uses of polyester DTY color yarn
Decorative flowers and ribbon flowers of different colors on the costumes make the costumes a little more cute and intimate, and some colorful bouquets also add fun to life. These are closely related to polyester DTY color yarn, and are composed of these polyester low elastic yarn polyester DTY color yarn as raw materials. So what are the other uses of polyester DTY color yarn?
  In addition to being used as clothing accessories, polyester DTY color yarn is often used as a seam, which can be made into colorful seam threads to lock the edges of various fabrics, which are necessary in life. In fact, some textiles such as our curtains, sofa releases, quilts, bedspreads and mosquito nets are all made of polyester DTY color yarn.
  Many necessities in life are inseparable from polyester DTY color yarn, and have a direct and indirect relationship. Polyester DTY color yarn not only has good bulkiness and heat insulation, but also has a very good feel, which makes people feel comfortable The feeling of liking is definitely what people like for the color. Polyester DTY color yarn has different uses and plays different roles.

Why can polyester DTY color yarn be widely used in the clothing industry?
First, because the quality of fabrics made from this raw material is more guaranteed
Polyester DTY color yarn manufacturers have been committed to studying and improving the quality of fabrics for many years. After combining modern advanced science and technology, the production process of polyester DTY color yarn should be more sophisticated. Due to the continuous efforts of the manufacturers, the overall quality of polyester DTY color yarn is more guaranteed than traditional clothing materials. Therefore, the clothing fabrics made of this material look more textured and high-grade, and this After making a kind of clothing that can better meet the requirements of modern people for clothing and dressing, there is basically no need to worry too much about the later sales.
Second, because the speed of upgrading and launching new products is relatively fast
In the era of fast-paced work and life, the development speed of every industry has been significantly improved. The clothing industry, which is closely related to people's daily work and life, has also achieved rapid development. Only by continuously launching some fashionable clothing can it meet the requirements of modern times. human needs. Polyester DTY color yarn will be updated and upgraded from time to time in terms of color and raw materials, which is why polyester DTY color yarn has become the best choice for clothing raw materials of many clothing manufacturers.
The above is the analysis of the main reasons why polyester DTY color yarn has been widely used in the clothing industry. Based on these two reasons, we can find that the better polyester DTY color yarn in the industry has the advantages of guaranteed quality and rich types, and these incomparable advantages of traditional clothing raw materials have indeed played a role in the wide application of polyester DTY color yarn. role of impetus.

In which industries is polyester DTY color yarn used?
Many industries need to use polyester DTY color yarn, and now everyone has a certain degree of understanding of this material. Polyester DTY color yarn is a type of polyester chemical fiber. This material is very popular nowadays, mainly because this material has become more and more in today's scope. There are also many manufacturers of this material. At the same time, this This material also has the advantages of short process, better production quality and better efficiency.
Such a material, you can see that it has very obvious characteristics, for example, you can see the advantages of comfortable hand feeling and soft luster. Now some curtain fabrics, cut fleece fabrics, knitted garments and some sofa release production industries all need this kind of raw material, among which the raw material produced by Zhejiang Huilong is the best in terms of quality and service.