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Window screen: one is made from chemical fiber which is thin, generally matched with curtain cloth with a layer of cloth, a layer of yarn. The other one is the gauze net on the doors and windows, which is widely used in doors, windows and corridors to prevent small insects from disturbing. Most of gauze nets are made of nylon, and common are white, green and blue. Sometimes it can be called window screen.

The fabric of window screen can be divided into: polyester, artificial silk, linen or blended fabric, etc .;

According to process, it can be divided into: printing, embroidery, jacquard, yarn-dyed, dyeing and so on.


It has characteristics that are not available in current market, such as: environmental protection, fragrance, no odor, good lighting, low thermal expansion and contraction rate, no deformation and so on.

Finished product:

Easy to install, and it can maintain unique flat appearance under different temperature differences. It can decorate window screen, screen door, invisible rolling screen, folding window screen and so on, which can effectively stop mosquitoes.


Mesh: 10X10, 14X14, 16X16, 18X18, 18X14, 22X22, 24X24.

Silk number: BWG31, BWG32, BWG33, BWG34.

Hole: 3’x100 ’, 4’x100’, 1x25m, 1.2x30m, 1.5x25m.

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Hangzhou Southeast Textile Co., Ltd. has fixed assets of 210 million yuan since its establishment in 1996, with sales of more than 1 billion in 2012. Our company, an excellent textile and chemical fiber enterprise with self-supporting import and export rights, produces various clothing fabrics and chemical fiber raw materials.
As professional China Gauze curtains manufacturers and Gauze curtains factory, we offer custom Gauze curtains for sale online. In addition, We introduced more than 300 sets of machines including international production equipment, jet loom, and FAST imported rapier loom and supporting production line for spinning, draw texturing supporting production line. Our products have passed ISO9001 quality management system certification, and won the 2011 "Strong Industrial Enterprise”.
Whether it is a single product or a complete set of products, our goal is to provide customized Gauze curtains solutions for the market and customers. Although markets, applications, and customers are different, Southeast Textile has a unique concept to make customers achieve success.
For any inquiries and feedback from customers, we will respond patiently and carefully. For any inquiries from customers, we will give professional and reasonable quotations at a rapid speed. For any new products, we will professionally communicate with our customers, listen to the customer's opinions and give useful suggestions to ensure high quality Gauze curtains product. For any order from the customers, we will finish on time with high quality.

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Gauze curtains Industry Knowledge Extension

How are gauge curtains generally used?
Gauze curtains should be selected with good light transmission, UV protection, and heat insulation, so as to protect the skin from ultraviolet burns, and at the same time enjoy the natural light and promote the development of bones. Gauze curtains should also realize the self-regulation of warm in winter and cool in summer, and also pursue the functions of heat insulation and one-way perspective. General requirements for gauze curtains: light, thin, and good light transmission, but also consider its use, hazy feeling, fastness and cost.

What are the types of gauge curtains?
1. Gauze curtains material types - metal
Metal screens are woven with metal wires through a special process, mainly using plain weaving techniques, so this type of gauze curtains are particularly environmentally friendly and green. Moreover, the gauze curtains of this material have a relatively long service life. It also has the function of fire prevention and flame retardancy, and it can also resist moisture and anti-static. The disadvantage is that its colors are only black and gray.
Two, gauze curtains material types - nylon
Nylon gauze curtains are one of our more common types. It is very light, and it can resist acid, alkali, wind and corrosion. More importantly, it has many colors to choose from, mainly including white, green and blue. These kinds. And because it is cheaper, it is deeply loved by consumers.
Three, gauze curtains material types - textile
The most important feature of textile screens is that they are very light. After hiding the curtains, they seem to be invisible. Families who pursue lightness can choose this one. And it can also be divided into fabric, fiber, hemp, etc., and it can also have many styles such as dyeing and jacquard. The variety of styles meets the needs of the market and provides us with more choices.
Four, gauze curtains material types - glass fiber
The gauze curtains of this material are mainly made of glass fiber and PVC. The characteristic of this type of gauze curtains is that it has a relatively long service life, and the material is also very environmentally friendly, and it is non-toxic and tasteless.

How to install and remove gauge curtains?
1. Pull up the pulley through the pull wire.
Metal gauze curtains are divided into stainless steel gauze curtains and diamond mesh. Stainless steel gauze curtains are divided into 304/316 according to the material, and the wire diameter is between 0.12-0.3mm. Glass fiber gauze curtains have excellent weather resistance, anti-aging, anti-cold, Anti-heat, anti-drying and anti-humidity, flame retardant, anti-humidity, anti-static, good light transmission, no threading, no deformation, anti-ultraviolet rays, high tensile strength.
2. Disassembly and assembly of the card slot screen window:
1. Don't be in a hurry when operating, but be careful, otherwise it will cause the external deformation of the screen window, and it will be difficult to install it at that time. 2. Therefore, when installing, grasp both sides of the screen window, and then lift the screen window upwards. At this time, you need to observe whether the bottom of the screen window has come out of the slot. If it has come out, you can move the top of the screen window out of the slot. up.
The above has introduced the fabric and production process of gauze curtains. Understanding these will help the owner to choose a yarn that is more suitable for the decoration style. At the same time, it also introduces the installation and disassembly of gauze curtains. In daily life, it is inevitable to clean the gauze curtains regularly, so it is necessary to understand the correct installation and removal methods of the gauze curtains. It can be guaranteed that the gauze curtains will not be damaged during the installation and removal process.