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Cationic fabrics: cationic fabrics are all polyester fabrics. Generally, cationic yarns are used in the warp direction, and ordinary polyester yarns are used in the weft direction. Sometimes, in order to achieve a better linen imitation effect, polyester and cationic fibers are used as a blend. Dye is also used separately when dyeing. Polyester dyes use common dyes, and cationic yarns use cationic dyes, so the fabric has two colours.


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Finished product:

Cations are resistant to high temperatures, so during the yarn coloring process, other yarns will be colored, while cationic yarns will not. Therefore, the yarn has two colours, which can be made into various clothes.

Features of cationic fabric:

✷1. One of the characteristics of the cationic fabric is the two-color effect, which can replace yarn-dyed fabric to reduce cost, which is the advantage of the cationic fabric, but also limits its characteristics. In the face of multi-colored yarn-dyed fabrics, cationic fabrics can only be replaced.

✷2. Cationic fabrics have bright colors, and it is suitable for artificial fibers, but it is poor in washing and light fastness for natural cellulose and protein fabrics.

✷3. The abrasion resistance of cationic fabrics is also very excellent. After adding some artificial fibers such as polyester, spandex, the strength is higher, the elasticity is better, and the abrasion resistance is second only to nylon.

✷4. Cationic fabrics have some chemical characteristics, such as corrosion resistance, dilute alkali resistance, bleach resistance, oxidants, hydrocarbons, ketones, petroleum products and inorganic acids, and also have some physical characteristics, such as the ability to resist ultraviolet rays.

Application: Cationic fabrics are very absorbent and dyeing dyelot chromatism is relatively small, so it is especially suitable for sports clothes, which can be mainly made into sweat shirts, sport pants, yoga clothes, etc. If the cationic fabrics are thick with good nap effect, they can be used as warm coats, warm pants, high-end underwear, swimwear and sportswear fabrics, etc

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Hangzhou Southeast Textile Co., Ltd. has fixed assets of 210 million yuan since its establishment in 1996, with sales of more than 1 billion in 2012. Our company, an excellent textile and chemical fiber enterprise with self-supporting import and export rights, produces various clothing fabrics and chemical fiber raw materials.
As professional China Cationic fabric manufacturers and Cationic fabric factory, we offer custom Cationic fabric for sale online. In addition, We introduced more than 300 sets of machines including international production equipment, jet loom, and FAST imported rapier loom and supporting production line for spinning, draw texturing supporting production line. Our products have passed ISO9001 quality management system certification, and won the 2011 "Strong Industrial Enterprise”.
Whether it is a single product or a complete set of products, our goal is to provide customized Cationic fabric solutions for the market and customers. Although markets, applications, and customers are different, Southeast Textile has a unique concept to make customers achieve success.
For any inquiries and feedback from customers, we will respond patiently and carefully. For any inquiries from customers, we will give professional and reasonable quotations at a rapid speed. For any new products, we will professionally communicate with our customers, listen to the customer's opinions and give useful suggestions to ensure high quality Cationic fabric product. For any order from the customers, we will finish on time with high quality.

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Cationic fabric Industry Knowledge Extension

Advantages of cationic fabrics:
A large part of the cationic fabric is polyester, so the cationic fabric will have the same abrasion resistance and toughness as polyester. The fabric is resistant to pulling and not prone to permanent deformation, so it doesn't take too much time. At the same time, the cationic fabric has a bright color. The biggest difference between this kind of fabric and other fabrics is that it has a two-color effect.
The feel of cationic fabric is moderate, and the fabric has good water absorption. The sportswear used for its production can absorb sweat and evaporate in the air, so it will look more refreshing and comfortable after exercise. This is also the use of cationic fabrics to produce sportswear and yoga. reason for taking.
Of course, cationic fabric also has anti-radiation and anti-static functions. The fabric can shield 99% of ultraviolet rays, and the fabric has a high moisture content, so it is not easy to generate static electricity. Of course, it also has relatively strong corrosion resistance, including acid resistance, oxidation resistance and drift resistance, etc. The fabric has good antibacterial properties, and this type of fabric generally does not appear mildew and long spots.
Disadvantages of cationic fabrics: cationic fabrics basically have no disadvantages, but the production cost is higher than that of polyester fabrics, and it is easy to be replaced by yarn-dyed fabrics.
The price of cationic fabrics: The price of cationic fabrics with different parameters varies greatly. The wholesale price of fabrics ranges from more than ten yuan to more than thirty yuan. Therefore, you should ask the salesperson for the price before placing an order.

Are cationic fabrics harmful to the body?
There are many benefits to this kind of fabric. First of all, the color is relatively bright, and the two-color effect also has water absorption, wear resistance, corrosion resistance, etc. The clothes made of cations are also very soft in the hand. And not easy to fade.
The cationic bottoming shirt is harmless to the body, it is particularly warm and soft.
Cationic fabrics have some chemical properties, such as corrosion resistance, dilute alkali resistance, bleaching agent, oxidant, hydrocarbon, ketone, petroleum products and inorganic acids, and also have some physical properties, such as the ability to resist ultraviolet rays. This kind of yarn is specially treated cationic.
Clothes made of cationic fabrics have no harm to the human body, but they do not have the function of heating. When some merchants sell cationic bottoming shirts, they say that the bottoming shirts have a heating effect. In fact, this is not the case. This kind of fabric does not have this function. Better quality Cationic bottoming shirts will not pill, but if it is a poor quality cationic bottoming.
Cationic fabrics that are good for the body are all polyester fabrics made by blending polyester yarns and cationic yarns. Polyester yarns are dyed with ordinary dyes, and cationic yarns are dyed with cationic dyes. Therefore, the fabric surface will have a two-color effect. This fabric can be used for The fabric characteristics of sportswear, yoga clothes, high-end underwear and other clothing.
Generally, cationic yarn is used in the warp direction, and ordinary polyester yarn is used in the weft direction. Sometimes in order to achieve a better hemp-like effect, polyester and cationic fibers are blended to form cationic fabrics. When dyeing, dyes and polyester are also used separately. Common dyes are used for silk, and cations are used for cationic silk.