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Polyester POY color yarn

Polyester POY color yarn

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POY: Polyester preliminary orientation, full name: PRE - ORIENTED YARN or PARTIALLY ORIENTED YARN. Receiving the orientation degree of high-speed spinning in orientation between the wire and tensile wire not completely stretch of chemical fiber filament. Compared with undrawn yarn, it has a certain degree of orientation, good stability, widely used for tensile false twist textured yarn (DTY) special wire.

Application: mainly used to DTY through draw texturing equipment.
Specification: 75D-360D

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Polyester POY color yarn Industry Knowledge Extension

Application introduction of polyester POY color yarn
Polyester POY color yarn is a polyester pre-oriented yarn that needs to be stretched and deformed by a texturing machine to make polyester DTY. It has a wide range of uses in textiles, and POY is not directly used for weaving. The POY here is distinguished by the spinning process, such as nylon POY.
Polyester POY color yarn is widely used in: medical gauze, underwear, knitted underwear clothing, automotive interior fabrics, luggage fabrics, jacquard decorative fabrics, bedding fabrics, sofa curtain fabrics, warm clothing, towels, gloves, ties, socks, mops, Ribbon, lantern, rain boots, warp knitting and other fields.

What are the characteristics of polyester POY color yarn?
  1. Have better mechanical strength and quality
In the current production and processing process, the artificial material itself has achieved technical improvement and formula adjustment, and the current high-quality polyester POY color yarn itself is more reliable in corrosion resistance and mechanical strength, and it is more reliable in the production process. Enables the use of synthetic fibers and a range of technologies. And in the application process of this kind of reliable polyester POY color yarn, it can be processed into a series of synthetic fibers, which can be better utilized in its mechanization and clothing production process.
2. Rich colors and production capabilities
With the integration of colors and the application of a series of fuels, the unique polyester POY color yarn now has richer colors in the process of use, and it can be made into various colorful products. At the same time, the good choice of polyester POY color yarn reflects its rich color advantages, highlighting the characteristics of its products during the production process, and the creative colors also allow subsequent product production and technology research and development to have more The change of species can enrich the aesthetic feeling of various product processing and production with the mode of this technology.

What are the methods to identify polyester POY color yarn?
1. Formic acid treatment method
The method of formic acid treatment under relatively stable conditions is a common identification method. During the process of purchasing the product itself, good quality polyester POY color yarn can be sampled and processed, and the product can be washed by formic acid within the specified time. decomposition. After repeated washing, the insoluble fibers can be removed, and the remaining fibers can be dried and cooled. Considering its own quality assurance, the quality of the polyester POY color yarn it contains is higher than other products, so that it can Prove that this reliable polyester POY color yarn is made of reliable quality.
2. Near-infrared spectroscopy
Fully collect the corresponding samples and realize the detection of the weakened full-reaction spectrum, and the quantitative analysis module through multiplication can effectively realize the predictive analysis of samples for this theoretical non-ferrous product. Applying the reliable polyester POY color yarn to the imported spectrometer can observe and identify its own diameter and quantity. In this way, the percentage contained in the fiber can be effectively detected, and the quality of the polyester POY color yarn itself can be compared. And the corresponding component analysis is more reliable.