Reasons And Solutions For Neps In Covered Silk Yarn

Abst:  In the process of spinning covered silk yarn, people are most worried about the occurrence of neps...

  In the process of spinning covered silk yarn, people are most worried about the occurrence of neps. The appearance of neps will greatly directly affect the quality of the woven fabric. Therefore, the problem of neps is that everyone is in the spinning process What is more concerned is that to prevent the occurrence of neps, we must understand the possible causes of neps in covered silk yarn, so that we can take preventive measures. Next, the polyester yarn factory will give you a brief introduction.

  Reasons for neps in covered silk yarn:

  1. Raw materials.

  If there are impurities and defects in the raw materials, it may cause neps, such as neps formed by fibers attached to the cottonseed skin. The number of neps is an indicator for evaluating the grade of raw cotton. The raw cotton of low grade has a high content of impurities and defects, fine fibers, and poor maturity, and there are many neps formed in the production process. Therefore, the number of neps and impurities spun from different raw materials is incomparable, and cannot be used as an indicator to measure the performance of the spinning machine.

  2. Caused during processing.

  Including the raw cotton rough processing ginning and spinning production process, the neps formed by ginning, mainly the neps produced by the sawtooth gin, the neps caused in the spinning process, including the neps formed when the fibers are loosened, the fibers The frictional resistance of the channel and the neps formed by sticking, entanglement, blocking and hanging, and the neps produced by the hook fibers during the drafting process.

  There are two main reasons why covered silk yarn produces neps. To avoid such neps, it is natural to start from these two aspects. It is necessary to select high-quality raw materials, carefully screen and handle the raw materials, and at the same time, strictly control the processing process. Every link, pay attention to the details of the treatment, to reduce the appearance of neps.