What Are The Advantages Of Polyester POY Yarn?

Abst:  It is very popular to use POY silk now, especially polyester fabrics made of it often appear in ou...

  It is very popular to use POY silk now, especially polyester fabrics made of it often appear in our life and work. For example, many curtain products are made of this material and can be very durable and washable. It's easy to get up too. In short, POY silk has many advantages, which can be summed up in the following points:

  1. High strength, good color fastness, and not easy to fade

  Due to its low hygroscopicity, its wet strength is the same as its dry strength, but the polyester yarn factory emphasizes that the impact resistance is several times higher than that of nylon and dozens of times higher than viscose. Polyester yarn factory, which is popular with customers, introduced that polyester molecular chain has no specific dyeing groups and has a low polarity, so dyeing is difficult, but as long as it is dyed, it is not easy to fade and can maintain a very stable state.

  2. Good elasticity

  Due to the very special properties of POY silk, its elasticity is close to that of wool, and when stretched to a certain extent, it can almost fully recover. The wrinkle resistance is superior to other fibers, that is, the fabric does not wrinkle and has good dimensional stability. Good quality polyester yarn factory introduced that the modulus of elasticity is very high, even several times higher than that of nylon. Polyester fabric has high strength and elastic recovery ability, so it is durable, wrinkle-resistant, and iron-free.

  3. Good thermoplastic

  The fabric of POY silk is smooth on the surface of polyester and the internal molecules are closely arranged. Therefore, polyester is a fabric with good heat resistance among synthetic fiber fabrics. It has thermoplastic properties and can be made into pleated skirts with long-lasting pleats. At the same time, the polyester fabric of POY yarn has high strength, is very durable, and is not easy to wear, so it is a very economical fabric that can be widely used in various environments.

  The above are several advantages of polyester POY yarn. In addition, the price of this fabric is relatively low and the range of use is very wide. Moreover, the polyester yarn factory also emphasizes that this product can produce products with completely different quality and appearance according to different process requirements, such as imitation hemp fabric, imitation silk, imitation deerskin, etc., so it is widely loved by people.