R & D Center



Focusing on the continuous development of differentiated fabric products, we are committed to the research and development and optimization of fabric structure and production process, with various product categories.


Optimize environmentally-friendly production processes constantly, increase technological innovation in energy-saving production, and shoulder social and environmental responsibilities.



Strengthen communication and interconnection with industry and professional colleges and absorb more advanced textile fabric technology


Adhere to the market demand orientation, we always pay attention to domestic and international market trends, and actively promote the production of scientific and technological fabrics.

1 / 10,000 scale

Satisfy the demand for high-end fabrics in the mid-to-high-end market, pioneer the development and production of emerging fabrics


Based on the concept of the "people-oriented", we constantly attract textile professionals to develop qualitative changes in technology.


"People-oriented", create a harmonious and high-quality R & D environment and management system, and play more innovative functions